NJ Top Docs Presents, Cohen Vein Care!

NJ Top Doc Presents, Cohen Vein Care!

Scotch Plains – August 25, 2014


David E. Cohen, M.D. received his B.A. from Wesleyan University and his medical degree from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at the University of Michigan

With a strong interest in working inside blood vessels, Dr. Cohen completed a cardiovascular fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York with an extra year of fellowship in interventional cardiology at New York Medical College. Dr. Cohen was invited to stay and join each of these academic teams, but chose to open a private practice where he could provide more personal attention to each of his patients. Dr. Cohen is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and the American Board of Vascular Medicine (Endovascular Medicine)

Cohen Vein Care specializes exclusively in the treatment of vein disease. They pride themselves on compassion, convenience, and clinical excellence. Most of their treatments are covered by medical insurance, and unlike many similar practices in the area, Cohen Vein Care participates in most major medical insurance plans, making their patient’s care very affordable.

Aging Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are beginning to discover veins in their legs they never knew they had. These Spider and Varicose veins are the visible evidence of circulatory problems known as venous insufficiency. Over 30% of people over 45 years old have it. That’s over 20 million Americans

This explains why suddenly hundreds of doctors and spas are advertising vein treatments. But it doesn’t explain what’s happening and what you should do about it. As one of the few practices in New Jersey that works exclusively on vein problems, Cohen Vein Care is in the best position to explain.

Visible spider veins and bulging varicose veins may be unattractive and wardrobe limiting, but they’re not the only symptoms of venous insufficiency. This condition is often accompanied by leg fatigue, discomfort, pain, swelling, itching and restless leg as well as lower leg skin discoloration and open sores

Unlike the old days of invasive vein surgery, today the vast majority of cases can be treated in an office with local or no anesthesia and little discomfort through endovenous laser ablation (EVLA), radiofrequency ablation, ambulatory phlebectomy, or with sclerotherapy injections. Unlike the old vascular surgery, all these treatments allow you to walk out of the doctor’s office, hop into your car and drive back to work.

Here is what a doctor says about Dr. Cohen:

“Dr. Cohen’s vein practice provides a rare and much needed service in my community. He has treated so many of my patients over the years and has achieved outstanding results, even in elderly patients with complex medical problems and advanced vein disease. I make just one call and Dr. Cohen and his team takes care of the rest. My patients always return thanking me for referring them to Dr. Cohen.” –Gerard Eichman, M.D.

Here is what some of Dr. Cohen’s patients say:

“I just had my varicose veins treated using the new laser procedure by Dr. David Cohen! I couldn’t be happier with my results and, being a walker, my legs feel great! If anyone needs treatments for varicose or spider veins check out Cohen Vein Care! It was fast and painless! Thanks!” – Lynn

“Dear Dr. Cohen,

Before I came to see you I had been to three different vein centers, one local hospital and seen numerous Orthopedic Dr.’s; ultimately not one of them was able to find the problem with my leg. Countless sonograms were taken and nothing was found, maybe because they were done by a technician not the doctor. After twelve long years of failed medical attention I began to lose faith and honestly believe that I was going to have to live with this unknown condition. After one visit to your center you have lifted this tremendous burden from my life. You taking the time to personally perform the sonogram and figure out my problem proven to me that there is always hope and some people truly do care. Through your excellent work I no longer have a problem walking and the pain has gone. You bring great honor to your profession and prove that with an open mind and a positive attitude anything is possible. I greatly thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.”


About Us 

There are 20 million Americans with vein problems that can seriously affect the quality of their lives. That just shouldn’t be. As one of the few New Jersey medical practices committed exclusively to vein care, Cohen Vein Care is uniquely capable of alleviating those problems, whether they are medical or cosmetic.All treatments are non-surgical, usually covered by insurance, and delivered in an office setting. And we do it as it should be done – with compassion, excellence, affordability, convenience, and the personal touch.Call 201-623-3434 or visit cohenveincare.com for a free consultation.

Cohen Vein Care is conveniently located in Paramus, NJ. For more information, please visit the Cohen Vein Care full profile at http://www.njtopdocs.com/CohenVeinCare.


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