Dueling with dry skin? Why honey is the bee’s knees, head to toe

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(BPT) – While winter gets the rap for being hard on skin, the truth is dry, itchy, flaky skin can occur in any season, and all over your body. When you’re looking for an effective, time-trusted treatment for dry skin, it’s hard to beat the moisturizing power of honey. No beauty ingredient has been around longer or provides more natural nourishment, head to toe.

In ancient times, honey was considered the “nectar of the gods,” and was traded like gold. Only the elite were wealthy enough to enjoy its skin-nourishing qualities. Today, products that contain honey – like Crabtree & Evelyn Ltd.’s new English Honey and Peach Blossom collection – are readily available, and it’s easy to incorporate this wonder ingredient into your beauty regimen at any time of year.

Honey is a powerful natural moisturizer, and delivers a host of other health benefits for the skin, including antibacterial qualities that can help fight acne, and antioxidants to slow skin’s aging. You can put honey to work for you with these head-to-toe tips:

* Face – Whether it’s the chapping effect of winter wind, the damage of summer sun or the moisture-draining quality of chlorinated pool water, your skin absorbs the challenges of every season. The skin of your face is particularly exposed, and honey is a perfect facial moisturizer. It provides deep moisture but with a light feel that’s never greasy. Crabtree & Evelyn blended wildflower honey, peach blossoms and yeast extract from the blue agave leaf to create an intensely moisturizing Glistening Face Serum.

* Lips – Cracking and peeling lips, while often associated with winter, can actually occur at any time of year. Many commercial lip balms rely on some form of petroleum or mineral oil, or have flavors that are strong and artificial. Honey is a natural, gentle and effective lip moisturizer, plus it tastes great. English Honey Lip Salve from Crabtree & Evelyn moisturizes with honey and other nature-friendly ingredients such as beeswax (which naturally seals and soothes), olive fruit and sunflower seed oils.

* Body – As a body moisturizer, honey is deeply enriching for dry skin. If you dislike strong scents against your skin, honey imparts a soft, light aroma. Added to body wash, honey provides a natural, moisturizing cleansing effect.

* Hands and arms – From washing dishes to gripping a steering wheel in the hot sun, the skin on your hands and arms takes on a lot. Many routine daily activities can cause hands to become dry and chapped, an effect that makes hands look older, no matter what your age. Hands are constantly at work, so who wants to wait for a heavy, greasy moisturizer to absorb before you can get on with your day? Honey is an effective hand and arm moisturizer that won’t slow you down. Crabtree & Evelyn English Honey and Peach Blossom Ultra-moisturizing Hand Therapy incorporates wildflower honey, shea butter, macadamia nut oil and peach blossom extract to deliver intense moisture that leaves skin noticeably smoother after each use.

* Legs and feet – After your hands, no body part gets a harder workout than your feet. And while hands are free to breathe and move around throughout the day, your feet spend hours each day crammed inside shoes. At the end of the day, your feet deserve some pampering and honey is a great treat for tired toes. Moisturizers made with honey are gentle and soothing. Choose a honey-based moisturizer after shaving to avoid that unpleasant sting that some chemical based moisturizers can cause.

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