NJ Top Docs Proudly Presents Dr. Marcy F. Maguire of RMA-NJ

Marcy F. Maguire

NJ Top Docs Proudly Presents Dr. Marcy F. Maguire of RMA-NJ

Marcy F. Maguire, MD, FACOG knows that infertility is a journey and she is committed to working side by side with her patients through the entire process. After the positive impact her father had on the lives of his patients, Dr. Maguire knew a profession in medicine was her calling.

Dr. Maguire graduated from Princeton University and performed extensive residencies and fellowships at prestigious institutions before becoming a physician at the Reproductive Medicine Associates of NJ in West Orange, New Jersey.  She has been reviewed and approved by NJ Top Docs.

“I am lucky enough to work at one of the world’s leading infertility practices,” says Dr. Maguire. “RMA-NJ spearheaded much of the scientific research that fueled the great advancements in in-vitro fertilization this decade.”  RMA-NJ delivers one of the highest pregnancy rates in the world and utilizes the latest treatments to achieve these results. Two of the most impactful treatments are comprehensive chromosome screening, which evaluates the genetics of a couple’s embryos prior to transfer, and single embryo transfers, which eliminate the risks that arise from twin pregnancies. 

Other procedures that Dr. Maguire provides include ovulation induction, egg freezing, in-vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination, and gestational carrier services.  “The most exciting and fulfilling thing for me is that I am able to help patients who never thought they would be able to have a family just 10 years ago,” says Dr. Maguire. “Patients of all ages, same-sex couples, single individuals and patients with cancer have been able to fulfill their dream of having a family.”

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