NJ Top Docs Proudly Presents Jane E. Miller, MD

Jane E. Miller, MD

NJ Top Docs Proudly Presents Jane E. Miller, MD For 2018

Jane E. Miller, MD of North Hudson IVF has been reviewed and approved by NJ Top Docs for 2018. At North Hudson IVF, helping create healthy, ongoing pregnancies for women is Dr. Miller’s main objective.

“We know so much about what it takes to create a healthy pregnancy,” says Dr. Miller. “We have been able to make an inefficient process more efficient and successful.”

Dr. Miller says there are “several new exciting aspects” to IVF. Two new of these new exciting procedures include pre-implantation genetic testing and specific testing for implantation failure. These new procedures allows Dr. Miller to biopsy embryos safely to determine if they are genetically normal and they helps us to learn why a normal embryo fails to implant and grow inside the uterus.

Other services available at North Hudson IVF include egg freezing, preimplantation genetics, screening/diagnosis, family balancing, and treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss.  To learn more about Dr. Jane E. Miller and her practice, please click here.

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