Dr. Indrani Sen Hightower of the South Jersey MS Center at Bromley Neurology Named 2019 NJ Top Doc

Dr. Indrani Sen Hightower

Dr. Indrani Sen Hightower of the South Jersey MS Center at Bromley Neurology Named 2019 NJ Top Doc

NJ Top Docs has reviewed and approved Dr. Indrani Sen Hightower who’s board certified in Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology, for 2019. Dr. Hightower is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and practices at the South Jersey MS Center at Bromley Neurology. Over the past four years, Dr. Hightower has specialized in the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment and management of multiple sclerosis.

The South Jersey MS Center specializes in multimodal therapies for multiple sclerosis. Their practice philosophy is to provide the best neurological care available to each patient, including access to cutting edge therapies, and highly individualized care. Patients are actively involved in the decision making process and their autonomy as well as their participation is greatly respected and encouraged at the practice.

Dr. Hightower and her team at The South Jersey MS Center offer the newest FDA approved disease modifying therapies for multiple sclerosis, from oral medications, to injectables as well as infusions. Appropriately selected patients are even offered access to medications in Phase III trials.

The South Jersey MS Center has the largest independent private infusion suite in New Jersey which delivers the most advanced FDA approved therapies for Multiple Sclerosis. The Center offers both acute ambulatory care for patients experiencing disease flare ups as well as more long term solutions through disease modifying therapies that can alter the course of this neurodegenerative disorder. A new Linwood infusion suite location has been added to help serve Multiple Sclerosis patients in Atlantic County.

In addition, the South Jersey MS Center offers emergency abortive therapy, infusions, and advanced treatments for migraine headaches at both the Linwood and Audubon locations. Dr. Hightower offers Botox injection treatments for chronic migraines, upper and lower limb spasticity, sialorrhea, and cervical dystonia. The practice also offers skin punch biopsies to aid in the diagnosis of peripheral nerve disorders, infusion treatments for myasthenia gravis, neuromyelitis optica, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Most recently, the South Jersey MS Center offers a lab draw service within their infusion suite so patients aren’t required to have their blood drawn at an outside facility.

NJ Top Doc, Dr. Indrani Sen Hightower is a volunteer with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. As a committee member, she works with the MS community and elected officials to help patients gain affordable access to medications. Dr. Hightower hopes that one day medically necessary diagnostic testing and affordable health care will be available to all her patients.

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