Cancer and Your Bones: Important Facts Everyone Should Know

Cancer and your bones(BPT) – Worldwide there are an estimated 1.5 million advanced cancer patients who experience the disease spreading to their bones. If you are a patient with cancer, or care for someone who is, here are a few facts you should know.

Bone metastases, or the spread of cancer to the bone, can be a serious complication that often goes unaddressed and affects a substantial portion of patients with cancer from solid tumors, including:

More than two-thirds of advanced breast cancer patients.
Up to 90 percent of advanced prostate cancer patients.
Approximately 36 percent of advanced lung cancer patients.
The Importance of Bone Health

If left untreated, bone metastases can weaken bones and even cause them to break. Therefore, it’s important for patients with advanced cancer to understand their bone health and speak with their doctors about the steps they can take to better protect themselves.

“Patients and their loved ones may not understand the impact cancer can have on their bones,” says Rita Lusen, “The Bone Health in Focus initiative provides resources, advice and tips to educate patients and caregivers, and encourages them to speak with their doctors about options to help prevent problems caused by cancer spreading to the bones.”

Bone Health in Focus™ Initiative

To help educate people on the importance of bone health, Amgen has collaborated with leading advocacy organizations, including, Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network and the National Lung Cancer Partnership, to develop a series of Bone Health Reports and other important resources as part of the Bone Health in Focus™ initiative. Bone Health in Focus provides tools and customized information for caregivers and patients living with prostate, lung or breast cancer, plus insights from physicians and patients, including personal stories and practical tips for effective communication about bone health.

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What to Ask the Doctor

When discussing your bone health with a healthcare provider, consider these important questions:

1) Am I at risk for bone metastases?

2) What are signs or symptoms of bone metastases?

3) Should I have a bone scan? How often?

4) What are my options?

5) What are the possible risks of bone metastases?

6) Where can I go for more information?

7) Is there anything else I should kno