Accomplish your weight management goals in 2014

weight loss nj doctors(BPT) – The new year gives everyone the perfect opportunity to start fresh. For some, it may be a time to explore a new hobby or take on a new professional challenge. For others, starting fresh means moving into a new home or a new city. And the new year for many people is a time to begin managing their weight.

Finding success in weight management does not mean giving up your favorite dishes and going hungry all the time. Instead, consider eating the foods you love in moderation to help keep you moving toward your goal, while also enjoying everything else happening in the new year.

Try these tips to help you achieve your weight management goals, and feel good about yourself while doing so:

* Keep track of your portions – Paying attention to the portions recommended for different foods will help you moderate how much you eat. To stay on track during chilly months, Weight Watchers(R) Smart Ones(R) offers new portion-controlled soups that provide 3-8 grams of fiber in each serving and will warm you up. These soups come in four flavors – Spicy Black Bean, Loaded Potato, Fire Roasted Vegetable and Southwest Style Vegetable – and are perfect for taking to work or heating up at home.

* Get moving – For some, “working out” has some negative connotations. But there are ways to get your body moving while having fun and multitasking. Dancing, cleaning the house, shoveling the driveway, or even playing video games while standing up are all good ways to get moving more often. And if you’re already moving, consider adding new physical activities like yoga, taking a daily walk or trying a new class at the gym – anything to increase your heart rate and the movement of blood through your body.

* Check the labels – Look for options that contain a good or excellent source of protein to carry you through your afternoon or evening. New Weight Watchers Smart Ones Chicken Strips and Fries have 14 grams of protein and only 310 calories, satisfying your craving for this favorite without the guilt. And this year, Weight Watchers Smart Ones is also updating its packaging with new, easy-to-read labels to help you adhere to various dietary preferences, like gluten-free or vegetarian.

* Set the foundation – Achieving goals of any kind is easier to accomplish if you’re healthy and well rested. In addition to eating better-for-you food and moving regularly, you should also be sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night and to protect yourself from germs by frequently washing your hands with soap. These practices will give you a strong, healthy foundation as you manage your weight.

If you’ve put weight management on your list of resolutions for the new year, these tips can help you achieve your goals, leaving you ready to tackle a new challenge in your life.

(SOURCE: Weight Watchers(R) Smart Ones(R))