NJ Top Docs Just Released the 2019 Top Doctor’s Issue of Healthy Living Magazine

The 2019 Top Doctor’s Edition of Healthy Living Magazine has been published by NJ Top Docs and is available to you for free. 

The 2019 Top Doctor’s Edition of Healthy Living Magazine is here! 

NJ Top Docs has just released the latest digital issue (Top Doctors) of their Healthy Living Magazine (printed copies are beginning distribution across the state next week) which feature all reviewed and approved New Jersey Top Doctors for 2019.  As an exclusive healthcare resource that reviews healthcare providers in the state of New Jersey based on merit, not popularity, NJTopDocs.com is the place to find the best doctors in your area. 

To view all reviewed and approved 2019 NJ Top Docs, please turn to page 44 in the digital edition. This issue also features articles on the best back to school gadgets, mommy must haves, the best ways to stay healthy at home, tips on checking for skin cancer, and more! 

The goal of NJ Top Docs’ magazine, Healthy Living is to provide New Jersey residents with a complete informational resource to assist them in choosing a highly qualified healthcare provider at no cost. You can click here to subscribe to Healthy Living Magazine for free and the next issue will be delivered to your doorstep. If you prefer to read the latest issue digitally, you can do so here

Inside the 2019 Doctor’s Edition of Healthy Living you will find detailed information about the following highlighted Top Doctors in New Jersey:

Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

  • Dr. Margaret L. Co  

Anesthesiology & Pain Management

  • Dr. Kublir Singh Walia  
  • Dr. Sean Li  
  • Dr. John Mak  
  • Dr. Angela M. Jones 
  • Dr. Anil Patel 


  • Dr. Ebrahim Issa 


  • Dr. Santiago A. Centurion 
  • Dr. J.S. Henning  


  • Dr. Jerome H. Check  

Family Practice

  • Dr. Matthew E. Bassan  
  • Dr. Melissa Berlin 
  • Dr. Veena C. Desai 
  • Dr. Joseph R. Raccuglia 


  • Dr. Alyse R. Bellomo  
  • Dr. Bhavik M. Bhandari  
  • Dr. Crystal N. Broussard 
  • Dr. Holly D. Cullen  
  • Dr. Anthony R. Delillo 
  • Dr. Homayoon Hatafi 
  • Dr. Bon Chang A. Koo 
  • Dr. Robert S. Levine  
  • Dr. Stephen J. Margulis  
  • Dr. Robert H. Pittman  

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Reyhan Berkel  
  • Dr. Alan J. Briker  
  • Dr. Adil Farooki 
  • Dr. Susan A. Flanzman 
  • Dr. Kedar A. Gokhale 
  • Dr. Allen R. Griggs 
  • Dr. Walter Grote 
  • Dr. Sanchita Gupta  
  • Dr. Vivian E. Lan 
  • Dr. Francis E. McGorty  
  • Dr. Neeta R. Motiwala  
  • Dr. Jennifer F. Randall
  • Dr. Kishwar Shareef 


  • Dr. Penny DeFranco
  • Dr. Ranka Samsa 
  • Dr. Indrani Hightower 

Oncology & Hematology

  • Dr. Gunwant Guron  


  • Dr. John A. Epstein  
  • Dr. R. David Reynolds
  • Dr. Michael Y. Wong 
  • Dr. Suzanne K. Jadico  
  • Dr. Robert Scharfman 

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dr. Nicholas Alexander 
  • Dr. Robert A. Kayal  
  • Dr. David V. Lopez  
  • Dr. Michael A. Sclafani 

Pediatric Orthopedics

  • Dr. Mark A. Rieger  
  • Dr. David Y. Lin  
  • Dr. Joshua Strassberg 
  • Dr. Tamir Bloom  


  • Dr. Jennifer Shaw-Brachfeld  

Physical Medicine/ Physiatry

  • Dr. Uday Bhatt  
  • Dr. Jonathan P. Lester
  • Dr. Christine M. Roque-Dang 

Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. Matthew Kaufman 
  • Dr. Janet M. Neigel 

Reproductive Medicine

  • Dr. Jane E. Miller  
  • Dr. William F. Ziegler  


  • Dr. Jeff Chung 
  • Dr. Rosemarie Desantis-Mastrangelo 

Spinal Surgery

  • Dr. Nomaan Ashraf  
  • Dr. Saad Chaudhary 
  • Dr. Marc A. Cohen  
  • Dr. Rafael Levin 
  • Dr. John D. Lipani

Surgical Oncology

  • Dr. Elissa Jeanne Santoro 


  • Dr. Michael Cohen 
  • Dr. Richard J. Garden

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