NJ Top Docs Approved Board-Certified PRISM Vision Group Affiliated Ophthalmologists for 2024

PRISM Vision Group

NJ Top Docs Approved Board-Certified PRISM Vision Group Affiliated Ophthalmologists for 2024

NJ Top Docs has reviewed and approved 63 board-certified ophthalmologists affiliated with PRISM Vision Group for 2024.  With offices spread across New Jersey, you will find a PRISM affiliated reviewed and approved NJ Top Doc in Atlantic, Essex, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, and Union County.

PRISM Vision Group is a physician-led organization that aligns with high-quality providers who share the common goal to provide patients with world class, comprehensive eye care.

The following PRISM Vision Group affiliated providers have been reviewed and approved by NJ Top Docs:

  • Dr. Stephen H. Uretsky
  • Dr. Paul Liva
  • Dr. William H. Constad
  • Dr. Rudolph Wagner
  • Dr. David Harris
  • Dr. Scott M. Walsman
  • Dr. Palak Majmudar
  • Dr. Priya Desai
  • Dr. Sebastian Lesniak
  • Dr. Ilya Rozenbaum
  • Dr. Elizabeth Tegins
  • Dr. Joseph Shovlin
  • Dr. David K. Lee
  • Dr. Elliot S. Grand
  • Dr. Jeffrey S. Brottman
  • Dr. Steven K. Mishkin
  • Dr. Martin S. Schneider
  • Dr. Elena Ng
  • Dr. Nicholas D. Chinskey
  • Dr. Howard F. Fine
  • Dr. Alexander D. Port
  • Dr. Paul Hahn
  • Dr. Akosua Nti
  • Dr. Harris C. Sultan
  • Dr. Luis A. Gonzalez
  • Dr. Leonard Feiner
  • Dr. David Y. Kim
  • Dr. Eric S. Friedman
  • Dr. Jennifer M. Krawitz
  • Dr. Jonathan L. Prenner
  • Dr. Sumit P. Shah
  • Dr. Steven A. Madreperla
  • Dr. Marisa Lau
  • Dr. Nneka Offor Brooks
  • Dr. Vincent Y. Ho
  • Dr. H. Matthew Wheatley
  • Dr. Bruce J. Keyser
  • Dr. Daniel B. Roth
  • Dr. Anton M. Kolomeyer
  • Dr. Vinod B. Voleti
  • Dr. Noah Saipe
  • Dr. Colleen Coleman
  • Dr. Patricia Burke
  • Dr. Gari Carabin
  • Dr. Amy Wexler
  • Dr. James G. Nachbar
  • Dr. Michael Colucciello
  • Dr. Miriam R. Brown
  • Dr. Sander M. Cohen
  • Dr. Daniel P. Putnam
  • Dr. Trong D. Tran
  • Dr. Jacob H. Chung
  • Dr. Barnard Kaplan
  • Dr. Sydney L. Tyson
  • Dr. Nirupa Cuttler
  • Dr. Robert Penne
  • Dr. Joel Confino
  • Dr. Ivan Jacobs
  • Dr. Dipal Shah
  • Dr. Juliana Leapman
  • Dr. Rishabh C. Date
  • Dr. Jonathan P. Greenberg
  • Dr. Lekha K. Desai

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