Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. William K. Boss, Jr. Explains His One-Of-A-Kind Patented Procedure, Genlyft™

Dr. William K. Boss, Jr.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. William K. Boss, Jr. Explains His One-Of-A-Kind Patented Procedure, Genlyft™

Dr. William K. Boss, board-certified plastic surgeon, is a pioneer in cellular therapy.  Dr. Boss has over three decades of experience developing minimally invasive procedures and is regularly conceiving new techniques such as his patented procedure, GenLyft™.

GenLyft™ is a minimally invasive customizable face and or neck lift for all generations of men and women.  It consists of five procedures and four technologies that can be performed in the office with local anesthesia in about 90 minutes. Recuperation is rapid with minimal discomfort and patients can return to work in about three to five days.

In the early 2000’s, many face lift procedures, such as the “lifestyle lift” were being marketed as minimally invasive with quick recovery and could be done without general anesthesia. But unfortunately, the results were inconsistent, not long lasting, and did little to address the neck.  

“I felt I had to find a way to create a minimally invasive face and neck lift that could be done under local anesthesia,” says Dr. Boss.

“In the late 2000’s I conceived of using heat from lasers and special deep sutures to lift and tighten skin with minimal incisions.  The laser heat would tighten skin and the specialty sutures would lift the deep tissues including the neck muscles as part of a short scar face lift.  Adding the laser and specialty sutures to a facelift added two new tightening techniques to the standard face lift. Eventually, my concept of adding heat to the deep tissues during the facelift and adding deep supporting specialized sutures was granted a patent in 2015,” he adds.

Dr. Boss explains that the application of heat will cause collagen formation and tightening of the skin and deep tissues which continues for months, and the addition of liposuction causes a mechanical effect that also increases tightening.  Finally, the addition of specialized fine lifting sutures to the deep tissues produces a deep “lift” without extensive dissection and hence less swelling.  

Genlyft embraces all these elements and gives reliable results that usually continue to improve for many months to years after the procedure. 

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