Top Breast Surgeon, Dr. Renee Comizio of Morristown, Recognized as NJ Top Doc For 2020

Dr. Renee Comizio

Top Breast Surgeon, Dr. Renee Comizio of Morristown, Recognized as NJ Top Doc For 2020

NJ Top Docs has reviewed and approved board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Renee Comizio of Morristown, New Jersey for 2020. Dr. Comizio specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the breasts, body, and face.

As a woman, Dr. Comizio understands and respects the female body and the decision to have surgical and non-surgical procedures to improve self-confidence. She approaches every treatment as an opportunity to improve a patients’ life and offer them support during the entire journey.

Educated at the nation’s finest medical institutions, Dr. Comizio balances professionalism and compassion. She is known for her down-to-earth approach and exceptional surgical results. She has received multiple accolades in her career, recognizing her commitment to her practice.

Dr. Comizio is one of the only plastic surgeons in NJ that accepts most major insurance carriers, renewing again for 2020. This NJ Top Doc has dedicated her career to the well-being of her patients, treating each case as unique, and presenting all the options available to ensure confidence before deciding about surgery.

At the heart of Dr. Comizio’s practice is the quality of care that extends beyond her role as a plastic surgeon. Along with her dedicated team, she spends ample time with each patient and makes the process seamless. Dr. Comizio also continues her in-depth care throughout the length of the hospital stay post-surgery.

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