Perfect Your Golf Swing with a Healthy Back

If you’ve been yelling “four!” a lot lately on the golf course, the problem might not be your swing; it could be your back. Back pain can mean the difference between a tee shot that lands in the fairway and one that bounces off the cart path and into the rough. Find out what you can do to reduce back pain and improve your game.

Back Pain is Part of the Game

Back pain is an unfortunate and natural consequence of the rather unnatural motion of swinging a golf club. Golfers train their backs to swing a three-foot metal rod along a specific arc in speeds that can exceed 100 m.p.h. That motion requires extreme flexibility from the lower back. Strength and stretching exercises targeting the abdominal and lower back muscles are essential in providing the back with the strength and flexibility it needs to endure a golf game without strain and pain.

How to Reduce Back Pain

A medicine ball, hand-held dumbbells and resistance bands help golfers strengthen their backs for better swings and less pain. If you are an avid golfer and are tired of back pain that drives up your score, there are a few additional things you can do to give your back a break.

Stretch– Perform stretches every day before golfing that loosen your lower back, abdominal and gluteal muscles. Stretch after a warm shower in the morning or after you wash up from your game as well.

See a Chiropractor – If you experience chronic back pain and stretching doesn’t seem to help, a Chiropractor can relieve your pain by correcting misalignments causing you pain.

Visit a Sports Medicine Specialist– Make an appointment with a doctor specializing in Sports Medicine. Browse through our website to find a reputable Sports Medicine Specialist who can help identify the cause of your back pain and provide a course of treatment to eliminate it.

Carry Light Golf Bags– If you carry 10-14 clubs every time you go golfing, you’re putting unnecessary strain on your back. Isolate the clubs you use most often and remove clubs you don’t need from your bag. Consider buying a lightweight pull cart or hiring a caddy instead. You can find light weight Hybrid Travel Golf Bags at Travalite

Take a few simple, practical steps to protect your back and you’ll not only feel better, you’ll improve your golf score as well.

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