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Surgical Doctors in NJNJ Top Doctor – Anthony Sparano, M.D. – Sparano Face & Nasal Institute

Scotch Plains, NJ – September 2012

Anthony Sparano, M.D., NJ Top Doc, trained at some of the most reputable institutions in the country. Across his training, Dr. Sparano performed among the top in his field, and has been awarded numerous awards and prizes. Dr. Sparano has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and has taught several courses around the country. Dr. Sparano has made a commitment to excellence during all stages of his professional development, and today practices with the highest standard of care.

The Sparano Face and Nasal Institute was founded by Anthony Sparano, M.D., a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Sparano functions as a specialist of elective and reconstructive enhancement of the face and neck. He offers both advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques. Dr. Sparano also has exceptional endoscopic, endonasal, and minimally invasive open skull base surgical training. He additionally specializes in functional disorders of the nose, sinonasal cavities, and skull base.

“My primary goal with the practice is to create something special for patients. I believe in centers of excellence with focused, specialized care. My practice centers on surgical and non-surgical enhancement of the face and neck, reconstruction of the face after skin cancer or trauma, and treatment of complex sinonasal disorders.”

Unlike the typical plastic surgery practice, Dr. Sparano invests his time researching and addressing anatomic subtleties exclusive to the face, scalp, and neck. “I view myself truly as a specialist in this regard. My entire training and professional career has the face as the focal point. I love to study the subtleties of any patient’s facial contours, and address which, if any, manipulations can be made to yield a natural, but definitely improved result.”

“I believe in simplicity and certain fundamental core values which pervade all aspects of my practice. We have created a culture of happiness among staff, and across our relations with our patients. Excellent outcomes and unrivaled customer service are our highest priorities. We know that most individuals have a certain vision of themselves. Actualizing that vision is usually a part of the recipe for happiness. We believe strongly in this process and enjoy helping patients through it.”

Dr. Anthony Sparano of Sparano Face & Nasal Institute offers both surgical and non-surgical procedures such as:

Surgical Procedures:

Non-Surgical Procedures:

Dr. Anthony Sparano of the Sparano Face & Nasal Institute is conveniently located in Wall Township, New Jersey. For more information and locations you can visit Dr. Anthony Sparano’s full profile at http://www.njtopdocs.com/DrAnthonyMSparano

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