How to keep your health up and costs down

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No matter your age, you can help keep your body healthy and your money away from the health care system by eating right, exercising and avoiding habits that contribute to chronic illness.

But having the appropriate insurance may help your bottom line more than you think. Follow this guide to see if you have what you need at various stages in life.


Younger people tend to have fewer medical issues, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch health insurance altogether. To save money while making sure you’re covered, consider a qualified high-deductible plan.


Start learning about long-term care insurance. If you equate long-term care insurance with nursing home coverage, think again. While it can cover those costs, it generally does something even more appealing – help give you the resources you need to stay in your home.


Don’t go without. If you retire early and lack employer-provided health insurance, don’t be tempted to cut costs and skip insurance until you’re eligible for Medicare at 65. Consider buying an individual policy to bridge the gap, if you have no other option. To avoid making important decisions under pressure, learn about your Medicare choices well before you have to make them.