NJ Top Dentists Proudly Presents Endodontist, Fredric A. Lubit, DDS

Fredric A. Lubit, DDS

NJ Top Dentists Proudly Presents Endodontist, Fredric A. Lubit, DDS

If you need a root canal or any other endodontic treatment, call NJ Top Dentist, Dr. Fredric A. Lubit at North Jersey Endodontics. In addition to being named a New Jersey Top Dentist, he was voted one of the best dentists in America by the Consumers Research Council of America.

Dr. Lubit graduated from and completed his endodontic training at Columbia University in New York. There he taught for several years before devoting himself full time to his practice, North Jersey Endodontics. Dr. Lubit provides an old-fashioned style of patient service in a compassionate and ethical manner while utilizing cutting-edge technology.“This is a relatively small office, so you don’t see a different doctor every time you come in,” Dr. Lubit says about North Jersey Endodontics. “I personally do the vast majority of the procedures.”

To ensure his patients receive the best treatments possible, Dr. Lubit stays abreast of new and emerging technology in the dental field. “I ensure that what I outfit my office with is both cutting-edge and beneficial to my patients,” says Dr. Lubit.

North Jersey Endodontics incorporates state of the art microscopes so Dr. Lubit can observe the targeted tooth, Tulsa endodontic specialty rotaries, and Calamus systems.

Dr. Lubit currently performs thousands of root canals every year. While a root canal might seem like a common dental procedure, it’s actually a complex treatment that can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants, bridges, or dentures. Choosing an endodontic specialist like Dr. Lubit means that you will get the finest care and have the best long-term outlook for the health of your teeth.

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