Dr. Besser’s 3 Tips to Ride Hurricane Sandy Out Safely

hurricane sandy health care tipsFor those in the path of Hurricane Sandy, the wind, rain, floods and potential blackouts are on the way.

If you are sheltered in place with adequate food, water, batteries and other supplies, you are likely to be well-prepared for the approaching weather threat. However, there are some simple mistakes that many people make that can potentially put their family’s health in danger.

As former head of emergency response and preparedness for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser is familiar with many of these preparedness missteps. Below he offers three simple tips to keep you, your family — and even your pets — safe.

Tip #1: In an Outage, Approach Perishable Food With Caution
When the power goes out, that food in the fridge will last only so long. You should throw away any perishable food in there if your power has been off for four hours or more.

Your freezer, if full and left unopened, will keep frozen food safe for 48 hours. You must cut this safe window in half to 24 hours, however, if your freezer is only half full. But keep in mind that this is only if you keep that freezer door shut. Every time you open it, some of the cold air escapes — effectively speeding up the clock for when your food might spoil.
Beyond these guidelines, exercise common sense. Does your food have an unusual texture, odor or color? Throw it away. This is when the old rule, “When in doubt, throw it out,” should be in full effect.

To learn more, check out these tips from the CDC:
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