Board-Certified Cardiologist, Dr. Anuj R. Shah Named NJ Top Doc For 2023

Dr. Anuj R. Shah

Board-Certified Cardiologist, Dr. Anuj R. Shah Named NJ Top Doc For 2023

NJ Top Docs has reviewed and approved board certified cardiologist, Dr. Anuj R. Shah for 2023. Dr. Shah is a dedicated cardiologist on a mission to transform vascular health in New Jersey. As one of the region’s few board-certified experts in vascular, venous, and diabetic limb salvage treatment, Dr. Shah is making waves in the field.

At Apex Heart and Vascular Center, they’re not just a medical practice; they’re pioneers in providing cutting-edge solutions for diabetic patients facing vascular challenges, from PAD to PVD. Recognized as the top choice for PAD treatment in New Jersey, they proudly serve their community through six convenient locations in the northern and central regions.

Dr. Shah’s passion extends beyond conventional cardiac care. His expertise lies in treating circulatory diseases and offering office-based solutions for varicose veins, leg swelling, and venous ulcers. Dr. Shah lives by the saying, “The legs are the window to the heart.” He emphasizes how this insight can not only save lives but also limbs. His focus is clear: safeguarding both lives and limbs through compassionate care.

Dr. Shah’s impact reaches far beyond his practice. With a decade of experience as a vascular director and over 50 published papers in prestigious medical journals like Podiatry Today, he’s a trusted authority in the field.

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