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Montclair, NJ – August 29, 2012 – NJ Top Docs and NJ Top Dentists have announced the launch of New Jersey’s Total Healthcare Resource—a comprehensive series of medical and dental publications. As a trusted online resource for seven years, NJ Top Docs and NJ Top Dentists’ websites are comprised of more than 900 detailed profiles on the area’s most qualified doctors, dentists and hospitals. By choosing to extend the brand beyond the Web, readers will receive a guide that serves as an introduction to the professionals practicing in their area.

“For the last seven years we have been featuring top healthcare providers in New Jersey online and we are ecstatic to be delivering our total healthcare resources direct to homes across the state,” says Cristina Mendez, Director of Marketing and Client Relations at NJ Top Docs and NJ Top Dentists.

Published by MOD Media LLC, the four titles to be produced over the next year will be comprised of editorial content highlighting current trends and technologies as well as profiles on professionals who are experts in the field.

“We’re very excited to embark on this venture,” says MOD Media’s Executive Vice President, Editorial, Richard Pérez-Feria. “I believe combining the invaluable medical resources of NJ Top Docs and NJ Top Dentists and the creative and editorial assets that MOD Media brings will deliver a very impressive publication for the targeted New Jersey consumers.”

The series of magazines will be published in two zones—Northern New Jersey and Central/South Jersey—to ensure optimal distribution throughout the state. By using this circulation model recipients are learning about the practices in their specific areas, and the featured physicians are reaching residents in the towns closest to their offices.

“These publications will not only serve as an interesting read—they are actual resource guides for the year ahead,” explains MOD Media’s President and Publisher, Shannon Steitz. “Rich content combined with strong production values are sure to result in an extended shelf life. By reaching two separate areas of the state, we’re ensuring the best ROI for participating professionals as well as providing residents with pertinent information on the experts in their region.”

The premiere issue of the series, Top Dentists, will be available in November 2012 and will quickly be followed by four publications in 2013: Top Surgeons, Top Doctors, Living Well and Top Dentists. 

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