NJ Top Dentists Reviewed and Approved Stephen Press, DMD For 2020

Stephen Press, DMD

NJ Top Dentists Reviewed and Approved Stephen Press, DMD For 2020

Dr. Stephen Press of Upper Montclair Dental Associates has once again been reviewed and approved by NJ Top Dentists. Dr. Press has a philosophy of high quality, patient-orientated dental care that always takes place in his warm, comfortable and friendly office environment. 

Dr. Press is equipped to handle all of his patient’s dental needs, ranging from routine cleanings, to fillings, to bruxism devices. Dr. Press makes it a point to empower his patients to make better informed decisions about their oral health needs. 

What makes Dr. Press’s office, Upper Montclair Dental Associates unique is its comprehensive approach to evaluations and treatment. Dr. Press and his staff understand that a single tooth itself can not walk through the door – a person does. 

What may be perceived as a tooth problem may have actually started as a gum problem or a bite problem. Dr. Press’s team evaluates the entire craniomandibular system: your teeth, gums, bone, ligaments, jaws joints, and musculature, as all these parts work together bio-mechanically and leave clues on your teeth and gums. All of this is done so Dr. Press can educate his patients on their oral health and offer them options and solutions to fit care into their lifestyle.


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