NJ Top Doctor – James C. Wittig – Sarcoma Surgeon & Orthopedic Oncologist

Sarcoma Surgeon & Orthopedic OncologistNJ Top Doctor – James C. Wittig – Sarcoma Surgeon & Orthopedic Oncologist

Scotch Plains, NJ – August 2012

Dr. James C. Wittig, – Sarcoma Surgeon & Orthopedic Oncologist, and NJ Top Doc has been recognized for exceptional dedicationto dramatically changing lives of children and adults afflicted with sarcomas and other orthopedic tumors through innovative limb sparing surgeries, groundbreaking techniques and a specialized multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and ultimate treatment. Dr. Wittig utilizes his education and extensive experience in the orthopedic oncology field and works diligently and cooperatively with other medical professionals for a seamless continuum of care. Dr. Wittig is committed to finding the most current, viable solutions in the area of bone and soft tissue tumors in particular sarcomas.

Dr. Wittig is Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Chief, Orthopedic Oncology (Pediatric and Adult) Mount Sinai Medical Center, and Chief, Orthopedic Oncology; Director, Sarcoma Section of the Cancer Center, Hackensack University Medical Center. Dr. Wittig has received prestigious awards and commendations such as Castle Connolly Top Doctor for the New York Metro Area for Orthopedic Surgery since 2009.He has also been featured in Castle Connolly as America’s Top Doctors for Cancer, Top Doctors: NY Metro Area, and America’s Top Doctor.

“Orthopedic tumors are an obstacle in every sense of the word but a true dedication to orthopedic oncology and the ability to continuously research for the next best treatments available are daily commitments.   I have been extremely fortunate in my professional career to find myself with key resources always available, knowledgeable members in my healthcare teams and a vast array of case experiences that not only enhance the care given to my patients but continue to teach along the way.On any given day, wonderful changes are taking place, people are moving beyond their challenges and the realization of my work is seen.  I am proud to be in that process and honored to be recognized for its value.” – Dr. James Wittig

Dr. James Wittig has a special expertise in limb sparing surgery for pediatric and adult bone and soft tissue sarcomas, benign musculoskeletal tumors as well as complex hip and knee replacement surgery, cryosurgery, Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) and minimally invasive biopsies

An Orthopedic Oncologist is a medical doctor and surgeon who specialize in the diagnoses and treatment of primary benign and malignant tumors of the bones. An orthopedic oncologist in the United States must complete 4 years of medical school. Following graduation from medical school, the completion of an orthopedic surgical residency is required. This residency program is typically 5 years in length and focuses on general orthopedic surgical techniques for common orthopedic injuries. As the residency progresses, the level of injury, disease and trauma treated by the resident becomes increasingly complex.However, aspiring orthopedic surgeons who wish to sub-specialize in orthopedic oncology must complete an additional phase to their training known as a fellowship.While general orthopedic surgeons may be qualified to perform surgical intervention on these tumors, it is advisable when confronted with primary malignancy of bone to seek out the treatment of an orthopedic oncologist, due to their increased knowledge and experience dealing with these rare and very serious tumors. 

Dr. Wittig has extensive experience in the treatment of:

Pediatric & Adult Sarcomas

Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Benign Bone/Soft Tissue Tumors

Shoulder Tumors

Cryosurgery/Anatomic Areas

Metastatic Bone Tumors

Radiofrequency Ablation

Minimal Invasive Biopsies

Dr. Wittig’s practice is conveniently located in Hackensack, New Jersey.For more information please visit Dr. Wittig’s full profile at http://www.njtopdocs.com/Wittig

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