Five must-have fitness tools

(ARA) – Everyone wants to look and feel great, and selecting the right workout gear can make all the difference when pursuing a life of health and fitness. The five tools below are designed to help individuals achieve their wellness goals, whether kick starting a new workout regime or taking a current routine to the next level.

1. Shoes that suit the exercise

It’s important to select shoes that are designed to perform each specific workout activity; a running shoe may look similar to a tennis shoe, but they feel different. Consumers should go to a specialty store for a proper fitting and select a style that suits their specific needs; those with flat feet should choose motion-control shoes, while those with a high arch should opt for greater cushioning.

2. Low-impact resistance band

A resistance band provides an inexpensive way to perform a variety of low-impact yet effective exercises, particularly for smaller body parts that are harder to train using free weights. Bands come in several different tension levels to increase the workout’s difficulty, and their small size allows for easy storage and portability when on a trip.

3. Motivational MP3 player

Listening to music while exercising can help maximize each workout session, but finding the right music player can prove challenging. The Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player from SanDisk features a stopwatch for timing laps, an FM radio and a hands-free design that makes it easy to enjoy music while working out. The player is available for under $50 and is compatible with all major audio formats, including AAC (DRM-free iTunes) songs, audio books and podcasts.

4. Exercise ball for daily use

The exercise ball is popular in gyms across the country and even at many workplaces as a substitute for a desk chair. The ball is a great tool for building the core muscles such as abs, back and hips, which help promote overall stabilization of the body.

5. Comfortable yoga mat

Lying on the floor during a workout can feel uncomfortable, but a good mat can make all the difference. A good yoga mat can cushion the hard surface of a tile or wood floor and protect a carpet from extra wear and tear. Most mats are thin but offer excellent padding and grip; they won’t slide across the floor and fitness buffs won’t slide on the mats.

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