Don’t Lose Sight of the Eye Health

ABC's eye examiniations nj (NewsUSA) – Although regular eye examinations are vital for the treatment of vision health needs, many people do not seek eye care. According to the world’s largest, on-going health survey, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, which analyzed why people do not seek eye exams, the most common reasons given among 40-64 year olds were cost or lack of health insurance. Among those aged 65 and older, the most common reason was no perceived need.

“It is common for people to wait for symptoms before making doctor appointments,” said Richard P. Mills, MD, MPH. “However, some eye diseases can damage sight before any warning signs are noticed. Getting a simple painless eye exam early could save your sight.”
If you are 65 or older, EyeCare America, the public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, provides eye exams at no out-of-pocket cost through volunteer ophthalmologists. To see if you are eligible to receive a referral for an eye exam and care, visit This online referral center also enables friends and family members to find out instantly if their loved ones are eligible to be matched with one of EyeCare America’s nearly 7,000 volunteers.

Eye health education is a lifelong process. EyeCare America reminds everyone that It’s never too late to learn how to take better care of your eyes, starting with these “ABCs”:
Activate your lifestyle. What’s good for your whole body is also good for your eyes. Get regular exercise and eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, avoiding fats and sweets.
Book an appointment today with an ophthalmologist for a full eye exam, or visit to see if you are eligible.

Continue to see your doctor according to follow-up care recommendations to catch and treat eye diseases early!

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