Benefits of Chiropractic Care in NJ

For over 100 years, patients have sought out chiropractic specialists to help them with their back problems. Many patients benefit from the “hands-on” approach of most chiropractors. Chiropractors also often avoid recommending drugs or surgery to treat patients with low back pain or knee problems, which differs greatly from the methods currently in vogue among many primary-care physicians and specialists.

Although most patients visit chiropractors for treatment of their back problems, chiropractic medicine can treat so many more ailments. One of the main principles behind chiropractic care is that the body can heal itself through applying adjustments to the spine. Since the spinal cord functions as the “trunk line” of the entire central nervous system, chiropractors can treat many different illnesses, from knee problems to headaches, with some simple spinal manipulations.

With the improvement in spinal function that a chiropractor’s treatment often provides, patients often feel their low back pain eliminated or significantly reduced. Chiropractic medicine can also improve blood flow to major muscle groups. The improved circulation can help remove toxins and relieve muscle soreness, as well as increase flexibility, and lower the occurrence of muscle spasms.

Many professional athletes have also benefited from chiropractic treatment. Former champions Lance Armstrong (cycling), Joe Montana (football) and Evander Holyfield (boxing) have credited their chiropractors with giving them the help they need to endure the wear and tear their respective sports put on their bodies. The athletes also credit chiropractic medicine with allowing them to have longer, more productive careers in their chosen sport.

Patients in the Garden State who are seeking treatment for back problems, low back pain, or knee problems are able to find a chiropractor in New Jersey at The site can also provide information on doctors, dentists, and hospitals in New Jersey based on their location and specialties. Patients can virtually meet a provider before making an appointment and view their treatment methods and services. Also, many insurance plans cover the costs of chiropractic treatment, so a visit to a chiropractor in New Jersey can be both beneficial and educational without being expensive.

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