Dermatology NJ I Acne Scar Removal

An acne breakout can leave people very self-conscious as well as insecure, and afterward it can lead to very severe scars. Although the pimples may disappear, it may leave a very bright red area which can actually be much worse than the original problem. The scarring can occur even when you are not touching the affected area, although that can make it spread faster. In these cases acne scar removal may be needed.

The damage can run anywhere from very mild to extremely severe, and there are a variety of treatment options and procedures to address this which will depend on the severity and level of scarring. Some of these options are going to include such things as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing, sometimes there are deep indentations on the patient’s skin, others may only have small and narrow red marks.

Many times these areas will begin fading themselves over a extended time, and others may see improvement in as little as a few months. You can also locate a variety of topical lotions that are designed in helping to fade the redness and it will also begin in proving the facial appearance.

These lotions can usually be purchased over-the-counter, this will be least expensive choice. Many have been finding success when they are using either aloe vera or calamine lotion when trying to reduce the redness and for smoothing out the scarred areas. Vitamin E. Solutions are also very helpful in helping to moisturize the skin as well as increasing healing time.

These facial moisturizers as well as vitamin supplements or lemon juice are becoming very popular, however before starting to add supplements and vitamins every day, it’s highly recommended that you talk to your dermatologist first. Some other lotions that are commonly used include alpha hydroxy acid products, these will exfoliate your top skin layer and will also begin to target deeper layers in order to assist in removing scars.

In more serious cases, the dermatologist should be consulted if you are having constant flareups. They will more than likely recommend a laser treatment to tackle tough acne removal, the laser resurfacing will remove the top layer of your skin, and as it begins healing it is going to look much smoother and clear.

This method usually will give the patient an appearance of a sunburn, this may last for a few weeks as it begins to heal, however when it is healed it will prove to be quite effective. Additionally, fractional laser therapy can go even deeper and is for the most serious scarring, the healing process however is faster. Fortunately, these problems typically go away themselves, but other options are available if needed.

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