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Office in Clifton
  • Areas of Practice:
  • Internal Medicine

Infusion Center of NJ

About Us

Our naturopathic infusion center is a secluded medical spa focused on natural healing. We use only FDA-approved pharmacies and 100% natural ingredients and are one of the only physician-run and supervised IV vitamin centers in the area.

Dr. Weiss also offers a sterile, comfortable medical infusion center. Whether IV Antibiotics, IV steroids, IVIG, biologicals (eg, Remicade, Entyvio), IV iron, etc. – we are equipped to infuse whatever your specialist prescribes.

Dr. Jeffrey Weiss also offers “Concierge” (“Direct Care”) Primary Care Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. This fee-for-service in addition to your insurance includes a 1-2 hour head-to-toe annual physical exam with full workup and a personalized plan that focuses on prevention and early detection (screening) based off your genetic testing. It also offers 24/7 access to Dr. Weiss by cell phone, management by him if hospitalized, and sick visits whenever needed.

Our Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey A. Weiss

Dr. Jeffrey Weiss is board certified in Internal Medicine and is in the process of completing his fellowship and board certification in Anti-Aging Medicine. He has won numerous awards for his achievements in both diagnostic and clinical skills, as well as for his outstanding bedside manner. He offers the best of both schools of medicine and provides patients with the freedom to choose or combine different approaches.

Education & Training
  • Internal Medicine Residency – Morristown Medical Center
  • Fellowship in Advanced Heart failure and Heart Transplantation – Newark Beth Israel
  • Board Certifications
  • Internal Medicine
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • St. Mary’s in Passaic, NJ
  • St. Joseph’s in Paterson, NJ
  • St. Clare’s in Denville, NJ
  • Honors and Awards
  • NJ Top Docs – 2019 to Present
  • Doctors Choice Awards – “Best Voted Doctor of 2019”
  • Teaching Appointments
  • Associate Program Director – Prime Health Care Consortium Internal Medicine Residency Program at St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Clare’s Hospital
  • Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor – Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Professional Memberships
    • AMA
    • ACP
    • ABIM
    • AARM
    • AIHM
    • AAIM
    • AAPL
    Our Services
    1. Concierge (Direct Care) Primary Care Internal Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Integrative Medicine
      • Requires a monthly membership fee paid out of pocket to the center on top of what you pay for your regular medical insurance, however we accept, process and use ALL insurances to submit to for coverage (and pre-authorizations) for all workups, testing, and any services, medication, medical procedures or hospitalizations should they be required.
      • Includes:
        • Annual comprehensive head-to-toe 1-2 hour physical focusing on prevention and early detection/screening, as well as a complete workup including genetic (and other) testing for an individually tailored therapeutic plan.
        • In-office lab draws, on-site extensive cardiovascular testing (EKG, ECHO, stress test, head-to-toe arterial and venous doppler ultrasounds), and more.
        • 24/7 access to Dr. Weiss on his cell phone.
        • “Sick visits” anytime they are needed (same day or within 24hrs of request)
    2. Medical infusion therapy (prescribed by your specialist and infused by us) as well as
      • Calcium-EDTA heavy metal chelation therapy that we can test for (all covered by insurance)
      • IV Antibiotics (instead of staying in a hospital to get them)
      • IV Steroids (eg, Inflammatory Flare-up)
      • IV Biologicals (Remicade, Entyvio, etc)
      • IV Immunoglobulin
      • IV Iron (instead of blood transfusions)
      • IV Toradol (for pain) and IV Zofran (for nausea)
      • And so much more (we can administer anything that your specialist prescribes that needs to be given under medical supervision IV, IM or SubQ).
    3. Evidence-based 100% natural IV vitamin therapy (not covered by insurance)
      • Evidence-based protocols:
        • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Diabetes, Neuropathy, and other Protocols (Requires Labs)
        • Anti Viral Protocol (Eg, EBV, Hepatitis, HIV, HSV; Requires Labs)
        • Anti-Aging Protocol
        • Ascor Cancer Treatment Protocol (High Dose 100% Pure Vitamin C; 25g-100g; Requires Labs)
        • Athletic Performance Protocol
        • Cardiovascular (Sodium-EDTA) Chelation Protocol (Requires Labs)
        • Fertility Protocol
        • Flu Killer Protocol
        • Glutathione Neuro-regenerative Protocol
        • Glutathione Detox Protocol
        • Immune Boost Protocol
        • Late Night Relief Protocol
        • Migraine Protocol
        • Myers’ (Original) Cocktail
        • Myers’ Elite Cocktail
        • Pre & Post Surgery Protocol
        • Sepsis HAT Protocol (Vitamin C, Thiamine, +/- Steroid which we defer to patient’s preference as it’s a pharmaceutical; Requires Labs)
        • Shingles Protocol
        • Skin & Beauty Protocol
        • Quick Calm Protocol (AKA, Mood and Anxiety Protocol)
        • Weight Loss Protocol
        • Weiss’ Cocktail (Anti-Aging, Anti-Stress, Super-Powerful Health Boost created by Dr. Weiss)
        • Add-ons:
          • Amino Acids (FreAmine)
          • B12 (Methylcobalamin)
          • B7 (Biotin)
          • Calcium Gluconate
          • Calm (GABA, Magnesium, Taurine and Theanine)
          • Copper
          • CoQ10 (Intra-muscular)
          • Dressing Change
          • Folic Acid
          • Glutathione 200mg
          • Hydrogen Peroxide (Requires Labs)
          • Hydration (500ml-3000ml)
          • Lipids (Intralipid; Requires Labs)
          • Magnesium Chloride
          • MegaSpore Rx Probiotics
          • NAD+ 250mg (anti-aging)
          • NAD+ 500mg (chronic disease)
          • Port Flush/Central Line Care
          • Solumedrol (Steroid, anti-inflammatory)
          • Toradol (Pain medication, anti-inflammatory; Requires Labs)
          • Trace Elements (Selenium, Manganese, Chromium, Zinc)
          • Vitamin C 5000mg-20,000mg
          • Vitamin D (Intra-muscular)
          • Weight Loss Shots (MIC-methylB12)
          • Zinc
          • Zofran (Nausea medication)
          • …and so much more! Our list keeps growing and we customize tailored IV’s.
          • Free consults and follow-ups offered to all of Dr. Weiss’ IV Vitamin patients and clients.
    Our Office
    Phone: 973-272-6220
    Fax: 973-955-4378
    Monday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Thursday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Sunday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Please Note:

    We are open 365 days a year, including all holidays.

    We recommend making an appointment to help avoid any potential wait times, but walk-ins during working hours are always welcome and will always be seen and taken care of.

    Additional Contact Information
    • Dr. Weiss can be booked online from our website or by calling 973-272-6220 for all of our services including: Concierge Primary Care Medicine, Naturopathic IV Vitamin Therapy (as well as Free IV Vitamin consults or follow-ups), and Pharmaceutical Medical IV Therapy.
    • Please set up FREE new IV Vitamin patient consults or IV Vitamin follow-ups every Thursday and most Saturdays. He is also able to give new patient free IV consults at your convenience if needed (eg, by phone, email or by scheduling an in-office consult on a different day.)
    • Dr. Weiss only takes on up to 100 primary care concierge patients at a time in order to be able to dedicate the time needed to his patients’ care (as opposed to most primary care doctors who have literally thousands of patients and consequently only 5-10min to spend with each one). That is the reason behind the need for the fee-for-service membership — to support a fully functioning medical office with a limited patient load.
    • Regarding insurance-covered medical infusions, we have over 30 years experience running our outpatient infusion center and it shows. If you are someone that frequently gets hospitalized for the same IV therapies (eg, Antibiotics, Steroids, Iron, Lasix, Fluids, etc) it is MUCH cheaper, MUCH faster, and MUCH more comfortable for you to come to our center for 15-30mins or so (eg, therapy time for community acquired (common) pneumonia, COPD/asthma exacerbation, volume overload (eg, chronic CHF or Cirrhosis) needing IV Lasix, etc — actual time will depend on what therapy given). Skip the ER and letting us do what they do — eg, cultures, X-ray and IV antibiotics until cultures are back, IV Lasix until can switch to oral, IV steroids until can switch to oral, etc). For those requiring infusions as recommended by a sub-specialist, we are able to medically supervise and administer those IV therapies.

    ALL (except Medicaid) for all FDA-approved IV medical therapies (eg, Antibiotics for infections, Iron for iron-deficient anemia, Biologicals for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns, etc)

    We are very pleased with Infusion Center of NJ. They offer a wide variety of infusions. Doctor Weiss is caring, thoughtful and reachable. He answers all my questions and concerns quickly. His staff is friendly and helpful. No complaints.

    Lawrence P.

    This is the only place I found where you can come in and get the specific natural vitamin protocol you need. Dr. Weiss worked with us one on one and was very helpful. The nurses are skilled and staff is very nice. And they get you in and out relatively efficiently.

    Brandon O.

    Dr. Weiss and staff made this an extremely pleasant and comfortable experience. I heard about this office from a friend and figured I should stop by since I have been sore from training for weeks. The athletic performance IV worked wonders on my aching muscles and joints, and I was ready to resume training on the same day! I will definitely be back. Thanks again Dr. Weiss.

    Avery R.

    Dr. Weiss was fantastic! He was able to help me find the root of my chest pain and solve it. After my diagnosis, he helped accommodate my schedule to see through my prescription and follow up. Saw the entire process through.