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About Us

Since opening in 1991, Mandarino Chiropractic has four locations throughout New York City and New Jersey. The offices have Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, & Acupuncturists available for your needs.

Dr. Mandarino and his team have helped tens of thousands of patients. The offices are exquisite and always maintained with state of the art equipment. Mandarino Chiropractic offers a wide variety of ways of treating the muscular system with the best chiropractic techniques available.

Our Doctor


Dr. Mandarino is certified to read MRI’s, has specific training in nutrition, acceleration/deceleration trauma and Auricular therapy. He is an instructor for the Graston Technique, and is certified in Active Release Techniques, Fascial Manipulation, Functional Movement Systems & Selective Functional Movement Assessment. In addition he holds certifications in all Kinesio Taping methods.

Dr. Mandarino operates a diverse Chiropractic practice that includes consulting for professional baseball, football and bowlers. He treats a large population of diverse athletes encompassing most sports. He has in clinic programs for athletes wishing to improve individual performance. There are programs as well for patients who have sustained automobile and work related traumas.

Dr. Mandarino is responsible for the health and well being of many athletes. He is an expert in the field of soft tissue and myofascial involvement. He provides unique treatment for his patients who come to him after long standing pain or loss of function in either normal daily life or physical challenges.

Education & Training
  • Nassau Community College in Garden City, New York
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa
  • Diplomate – American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
  • Diplomate – American Academy of Pain Management
  • Diplomate – American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • Honors and Awards
  • A highlight of Dr. Mandarino’s career was achieving the title from the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. The honor bestowed required extensive course study and involvement in the sports arena. As of June 2016 there are 369 Diplomates, worldwide.
  • Serves on the Medical Board for Bella NYC
  • Professional Memberships
    • American Chiropractic Association
    • American Board Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
    • American Pain Society
    • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
    • American Academy of Pain Management
    • American Chiropractic Association Sports Council
    • American College of Sports Medicine
    • Association for New Jersey Chiropractors
    • New Jersey Chiropractic Counsel on Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation
    Our Services

    Dr. Frank Mandarino specializes in locating, analyzing, and removing pain. Dr. Mandarino uses a combination of techniques, that are right for you and your medical condition. With chiropractic treatments including spinal adjustment, massage therapy, and pilates exercises below. He also provides treatment for conditions causing neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder and leg pain.

    Throughout your treatment, we’ll check for neuromuscular conditions, look for potential root causes of your pain, including lower and upper back pain. We’ll show you how to maintain good health and proper body balance to ease your symptoms, prescribe massage and therapy where needed, and develop a comprehensive chiropractic treatment program that fits your needs.

    We specialize in treating the following areas:

    • Car accident / Personal Injury / Workers Comp
    • Sports Injury / Chronic Pain / Family Care
    • Failed Back Surgery / Pain Management
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Whiplash
    • Lower Back Due to Pregnancy / Slipped Disc
    • Frozen Shoulder Syndrome / Sciatica
    • Hip Pain / Fibromyalgia / Sprains / Strains
    • Massage Therapy / Pilates
    • Slip & Fall / Auto Accidents / Hurt on the Job
    • Experts in Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy
    • All Areas of Chiropractic Medicine
    • Neck, Spine, Back, Shoulder, Leg, Joints, Muscles
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    Fax: (732) 591-1000
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    I have been a patient of Dr. Mandarino since the middle of August, 2011. My reason for seeing Dr. Mandarino was I had back surgery on my lower back for a herniated disc. After the first two weeks of my surgery I started experiencing severe pain in my lower back going down to the back of my leg. I couldn’t move from the pain or walk without crying it was so unbearable. Dr. Mandarino started using the Graston Technique. Now after months of treatment I can say I’m 90% better. I am walking and bending without any pain. I am confident with the continuation of my treatment I will be at 100%. I highly recommend this technique as it has been very successful with my condition.

    Linda D.

    Dear Dr. Mandarino,

    My experience with you and the Graston Technique has been stupendous. I have an achilles tendon that a surgeon said was 50% shredded. I was prepared for surgery since I was in constant pain. After 5-6 treatments with you, most days I have little or no pain and certainly will not do surgery now. In addition, the treatment and my arthritic ankle on the other foot has shown equally successful response.

    I have already recommended several friends to you. I am so glad I learned of the Graston Technique it has changed the quality of my life.

    Eugene P.

    I just have to thank you again for your expertise in using the Graston Technique. You have finally given me relief from over twelve months worth of constant shoulder and upper back pain. After the first treatment the pain was relieved. I have been through weekly massages, a run of ten Rolfing treatments and various other things, which only gave very temporary relief.

    Even better, your treatment of my migraines using the same technique is truly a miracle! I have suffered for over twelve years and have tried many different drug treatments, lately I was up to having five to six migraines a week. After my first treatment, I did not have a migraine for almost three weeks. I now average one a week, which is truly a blessing. At this point, my neurologist has removed me from all preventative medication, which incuded various pills and rounds Botox injections every three months!

    Jock D.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mandarino for all he has done for my son.

    Nicholas started having problems swallowing when he first started solid foods. I would always have to puree the food or cut it in extremely small pieces. Frequently he would appear to be pained as he ate food and proceeded to spit the food out without attempting to swallow it. When he did attempt to swallow the food, he would gag. Nicholas never wanted to eat and was never hungry. The odd part about this behavior was that it was not consistent. Sometimes he would be able to eat without any problems.

    When Nicholas was two years of age, I took him to a pediatric ENT located in Manhattan, New York. At that time, a nasal endoscopy, nasopharyngoscopy and flexible larynoscopy were performed. The results were unremarkable. The doctor felt that the dysphagia was likely secondary to gastroesophageal reflux disease and placed Nicholas on Prevacid.

    There were no improvements from taking the Prevacid and Nicholas’ eating habits remained the same. He ate little at mealtimes and drank a lot of milk and Ensure nutritional drinks throughout the day.

    After four years of age, I took Nicholas to another ENT who was located in Brooklyn, New York. Another nasopharyngoscopy was performed which was also unremarkable. Nicholas was again put on Prevacid for gastroesophageal reflux, which did not result in any improvement.

    At this time, I proceeded to Nicholas another ENT for a third opinion. Once again, a nasopharyngoscopy was performed resulting in negative findings. The doctor recommended Nicholas see a gastroenterologist for and endoscopy to be performed. He suggested maybe the problem was in an area lower than what the nasopharyngoscopy could see.

    I proceeded to take Nicholas to a gastroenterologist in Staten Island. The doctor agreed that the endoscopy would be necessary. Once again, this test was unremarkable. The doctor next scheduled Nicholas for a Dysphasia Evaluation and Modified Barium Swallow study. As expected, these results were also unremarkable.

    Throughout all these negative findings, Nicholas still continued with the same eating habits. It was at this time I was introduced to Dr. Mandarino, a Chiropractor located in Staten Island, New York. Upon examination and evaluation, Dr. Mandarino found the muscle around Nicholas’ throat to be unusually tight. He felt this tightness was restricting his ability to swallow normally. Dr. Mandarino was very optimistic that Nicholas would greatly benefit from the Graston Technique.

    After the first couple of treatments, I began to see a difference in the way Nicholas was eating. He was chewing and swallowing without any difficulty. After the sixth treatment, Dr. Mandarino pointed out to me how the muscles which wee once extremely tight were now within normal limits.

    At the present time, Nicholas is finished with his treatments and his eating habits are that of a normal four year old child.

    Without the time that Dr. Mandarino devoted to my son, as well as his knowledge of the Graston Technique, I would still be searching for a diagnosis for my son.

    Susanne N.

    In 1997 I hurt my back at work and spent the next 9 years going back and forth with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage therapists and finally the surgeon. In the end I had a spinal fusion and discectomy, which at least alleviated the numbness in my right leg. The surgery was in itself a success but I still suffer with pain and stiffness in my right leg and hip. The painful episodes, I have come to call them, seem to last longer each time. This final episode took me to the Physical therapist for 12 weeks, and unfortunately I did not have much improvement.

    Fortunately, my best friend and Massage therapist had heard about you from one of her clients and recommended that I see you and try the Graston Technique. I noticed improvement after the first session and now I have seen you 4 or 5 times and I can honestly say, I am experiencing a considerable improvement. your Graston Technique has really helped me. I didn’t even realize that my problem was the soft tissue and not a joint or something skeletal. I am extremely hopeful that I will eventually be able to lift my right leg high enough to tie my shoe again.

    Thank you for your dedication and determination to help me.

    Selma C.