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Dr. Ming Yang is a practitioner with a unique educational and training background. With her over 38 years of training and experience in Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Neurosciences, as well as her deep care and compassion for her patients, Dr. Ming Yang has developed an Integrative Acupuncture Treatment Strategy. The approach not only treats pain but also successfully treats more complicated, even, at times, undiagnosed, challenging clinical cases through holistically re-balancing the patient’s entire body thereby alleviating chief complaints as well as treating related root reasons with Acupuncture which never causes side effects. Dr. Yang has treated patients of all ages, from 3 to 101.

Our Doctor

Dr. Ming Yang, Ph.D., Dipl. & MS. L.Ac., MD (China)

Dr. Ming Yang has a unique educational and training background with over 38 years of systematic training and experience in Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Neurosciences.

With her deep care and compassion for her patients, Dr. Ming Yang has developed a special “Acupuncture Treatment Strategy”. The approach not only treats pains but also holistically re-balances patient’s entire body, alleviates chief complaints and treats related root reasons by helping patients to set up proper lifestyles based on classical Chinese Medicinal theories.

Dr. Ming Yang has treated patients of ages from 3 to 103. Please click here to view over 95 patient testimonials.

Education & Training
  • Dr. Ming Yang began studying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine over 38 years ago while earning her medical degree in Western Medicine at West China University of Medical Sciences, one of the four most prestigious medical schools in China. Also, she earned her Master’s of Acupuncture from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NYCTCM) in 2004.
  • She is a Board Certified and Diploma licensed acupuncturist in NJ, NY and PA, and a sitting Board Member of an Acupuncture Association in New York.
  • Dr. Yang was a speaker at the World Federation Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society Conferences, held in San Francisco in 2013 and Houston in 2014. These international conferences are the largest and most prestigious meetings of acupuncture practitioners.
  • Additionally, Dr. Yang has a PhD. in Neurosciences. She conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania. She then held the position of Senior Scientist and Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology in the Medical School of Thomas Jefferson University for ten years.
Board Certifications
  • She is a Board Certified and Diploma licensed acupuncturist in NJ, NY and PA, and a sitting member of the Acupuncture Association in New York.
Professional Memberships
  • Member of the Acupuncture Association in New York
Our Services
Dr. Ming Yang has over 38 years of training in both Western and Oriental medicine. She has a strong desire to introduce traditional Chinese medicine to American society, especially acupuncture, Eastern nutrition and herbs and which have benefited Chinese people for thousands of years.
She has a lot of experience in relieving severe/stubborn anxiety, depression, insomnia, IBS, PMS, skin disorders… caused by stress, menopause or other reasons.

She is very good at treating pains, including fibromyalgia, headaches…etc. and undiagnosed disorders not being relieved by conventional treatments and medications through finding out and treating the root reasons. She is also holistically adjusting the body balance of her patients via strengthening immune resistance and elevating energy level.

An Integrative Acupuncture Treatment Strategy Has Been Developed By
  • Using a set of customized acupuncture points
    • Famous & Classical Chinese Medicine Theories
    • Unique Treatment Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • incorporating with
    • Western medicine with neuroscience experience / knowledge
    • Chinese &Western nutrition recommendations
    • Proper life style recommendations based on “Chinese Health Preservation Therapies”
    • Stress Reduction Conversation
  • Numerous successful clinical cases demonstrate integrative acupuncture treatment not only treats various pains, but also treats more difficult, complicated & undiagnosed clinical cases such as
    • Stress Related Disorders
    • Pain Management
    • Immune System Disorders
    • Internal Medical Disorders
    • Other DIsorders
    • Improving Life Quality
    • Gastrointestinal Disorders
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I’m 55 yrs old and not the healthiest woman around. The one thing I do know is I know when I am feeling poorly and my life is way too busy to take and day here and a day there to see one specialist after another. I’ve had issues with lower extremity swelling especially in my left leg since 2003 after my knee replacement. Swelling has gotten worse since that time which 4 yrs ago led me to having vein closure and wearing compression stockings. The intervention did help for a while but never really resolved anything. Two years ago, I found a fabulous interventional radiologist who found I needed stents in my iliac veins (groin area) to enhanced blood flow. The results were good with that as well.

Approx 3 1/2 months ago, the swelling became extreme. Leg pain and cramps, swelling over my shoes, night time burning and restless movement. Starting the day with 4 Advil just to get out of bed and dressed. Exhausted and dragging especially if my day was exceptionally long unexpectedly. So, thinking a stent may be blocked, I went to back to the vascular Doc and his studies all revealed perfectly patent stents. He too was concerned with the excessive swelling this time. With my blood pressure elevated, he recommended I have a cardiac workup fearing left side heart failure. Cardiology kindly fit me into their schedule within a day and after a million dollar workup, thankfully all is good with no heart failure noted. So now what. My boss had mentioned looking into acupuncture as she has had friends with positive results for a myriad of issues. So I hit the net. I looked for a little bit before finding Ming Yang. Fully reviewed her impressive resume and dialed the office. 5pm on a Friday evening, she answered the phone herself and began to do a mini assessment. I was so impressed with her and how she made me feel stating, “I know I will be able to help”. I received all of the new patient paperwork via email and my first appointment was the following morning!!! She explained the assessment and discussion would last at least an hour followed by treatment.

This woman is over the top amazing. Being a healthcare professional for almost 35 yrs myself, I thought I was a very well informed person. I was taught so much regarding nutrition, the basis for acupuncture and Chinese medicine and I honestly can’t even write everything. Dr Yang is such a wonderful clinician who has brought such a positive sense of self back to me that I lost long ago. The first treatment went very well. She reviewed her expectations and encouraged me to truly make the dietary changes she had spoken about. I left the office invigorated and very hopeful that I would begin to see results.

Treatment #2. Results are beginning to become noticeable. I just completed treatment #5 over two weeks time and I have lost 12 lbs. and the swelling has decreased over 10 cm in circumference at my ankle alone. A mass that had formed in the upper part of my calf is gone. I made the Dietary Changes recommended which have allowed me to already come off of my Reflux medication. My energy level is insane now. My leg, though still unattractive and somewhat deformed from several episodes of cellulitis over the years, is looking so much better. I feel so much better and have Ming Yang to whole heartedly thank!!! She has made my legs and my life so much better in so many ways! I wish I could give her 20 stars instead of 5. I can’t wait to see what the futures holds!!!

Thank you so much !!!!!

Marian W.

I am a 64-year-old male who has suffered from migraines since childhood.

Throughout most of my life my headaches have been intense with a frequency of two or three a month. However, in the last five years they started to increase in frequency. I resorted to taking more and more pain relievers and I began to notice they were less effective. I, then, sought out the help of a neurologist who prescribed Eletriptan. At first, this was like a miracle drug as I responded to the drug quite well and I was able to get through my migraines. However, over time my use of the Eletriptan per month started to increase. It seemed like on was hooked on it for any relieve since the traditional pain relievers didn’t help at all. Unfortunately, my insurance company had a cap on the number of pills it allowed. Initially, it was 8, but over time this was not enough.

Eventually, my doctor was able to get them to approve 12 per month. I was constantly counting how many pills were left and worrying whether I would make through the monthly allotment. At this point I was getting up with daily headaches and because of the amount of pills I was allowed I had to suffer through the less intense episodes. I started to focus my life around my daily headaches. It affected my work and social life. We were planning for the wedding of my daughter and while everyone was enjoying the process I was stressing out for fear of a migraine the day of the wedding. I did get through that day with a combination of Eletriptan and Excedrin Migraine. However, I knew I had to do something since I was suffering from classical medication overuse.

Upon my wife’s advice I decided to try acupuncture. After much research I chose Dr. Ming Yang. I decided to see her based on her comments to me that she treated the whole body and not just the migraines. My first appointment with her was January 13, 2018. She spent over an hour evaluating my situation and assured me that she could help me. However, she did request that I try to stop all medications. Although this was frightening, I knew I had to give it a shot. I was hoping that acupuncture would help me get through it. Since that day I stopped taking any medications for my migraines. At first, it was extremely difficult. Besides all the pain, it also impacted my work life. What encouraged me is that after my acupuncture treatments my headaches subsided. I went from daily headaches to two or three per week, to two or three per month. Although, I am not headache free, when you consider where I was with the daily headaches this was life changing. I highly recommend Dr. Yang for her compassionate care and her holistic approach to health through her acupuncture services and helpful advice on diet and stress management. Thank you, Dr. Yang!

Guy R.

I’ve suffered with almost daily headaches my entire adult life and have seen multiple doctors through the years hoping for relief.
My sister has been getting acupuncture therapy for several months in PA for a back problem and was told by the woman treating her that she has had much success helping her patients.

I contacted Dr. Ming Yang after being given her name by my primary doctor and first saw her on May 13th. To my surprise and great pleasure I have been headache free since that morning. I’ve had 3 additional treatments and have yet to get a headache. Although Dr. Ming Yang probably will disagree with my choice of words it has been nothing short of miraculous. I am hopeful that things will continue because this ‘new’ life has been fantastic.

I can’t thank Acupuncture & Oriental Health Care & Dr. Yang enough.

Arthur M.

I’ve suffered from panic attacks since the age of 16. My first appointment with Dr. Yang was life changing for me. Not only did Dr. Yang take her time, offer compassion along with her extensive knowledge and expertise, she reassured me that I would be OK and there is light at the end of the tunnel. During my treatment I could feel a pulsing of energy flowing through my body. It was as though my body was, energetically, jumping up and down with Joy saying, “finally! We are clearing out the old!”. Immediately after my first treatment, my complexion was glowing and the only way I can explain it, I felt “lighter”. I follow Dr. Yang’s nutritional recommendations and have gained healthy weight, feel I can manage stress easier, have barely any panic (was at a 9-10 prior to my 1st treatment and now a 1), and I’m sleeping much better! By my 3rd Acupuncture treatment, I found I was actually falling asleep during! I appreciate and am so very grateful to Dr. Yang and her staff for their expertise, compassion, and time in helping me to clear the energy blocks that were contributing and causing panic within my being.

Jessica D.

I came to Dr Yang hopeful, but highly skeptical. I was always told one thing, and when that didn’t work, another. I somewhat expected that this would turn out the same. Since birth I’ve struggled with chronic constipation, and 43 years is a long time to deal with an issue people somehow always said was your fault but couldn’t find a solution for. It was so bad that at age 7 my mom had to give me enemas regularly just so I wouldn’t be in terrible pain. The process of going to the bathroom actually did physical damage to my body. Somehow, I managed over the years though, and would regularly tolerate not going to the bathroom for 5-7 days at a time. It was horrible. I got sick often. I also suffered from daily migraines, weight gain and a belly that looked like it was 3 months pregnant all the time. I talked to several doctors and nutritionists. Had allergy testing, and strict diets. At one point I checked myself into the Mayo Clinic, for two weeks of humiliating and invasive tests. $15,000 later, my diagnosis was IBS of unknown causes and a recommendation to see a psychiatrist, because I must be causing this to myself, right? So, I did that too. For 4 years. I was desperate for an answer. My stroke of luck came when I got sick for my 4th or 5th time in a year with vomiting and feeling like death while at work. I could barely leave the premises so went to see the clinic onsite. A doctor there sent me for immediate CT scan. I knew what they would find because it was there the last time, I had the same test done. The next day she told me that she, nor the technicians, had ever seen anyone so full of poop. Even though I had been going semi regularly, I was still not eliminating, and this was the reason I was so sick. She said she thought I had Hirschsprung’s Disease, a birth defect that was never caught and usually can only be cured by surgery. She also said some people found success with acupuncture. Immediately I sought out the right practitioner and came to Dr Yang’s website. This was too important to just get any acupuncturist. I had a good intuition about seeing Dr Yang, and I’m glad I did. After 7 sessions with Dr Yang, I am happy to report that I am feeling 100 percent better. I no longer have the pain in my stomach and back where everything was blocked. I can eat again! Before I had to watch everything, I ate, or not eat at all, just so I wouldn’t get worse. I hardly have a migraine. My emotions are so much better. Who knew it was the other way around, that this condition could affect how I felt as much as the other way around? I am also almost at a spot where I can go 1-3 times a day all by myself. No laxatives! I’m so happy that I found Dr Yang. She has literally changed how I deal with my health and body, and I most likely will never need surgery now, nor medications or doctors performing tests with no answers!! I highly recommend anyone with an issue to come here first. It will change your life.

Cynthia S.