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About Us

At Advanced Speech Therapy LLC, we believe in treating our patients with respect and dignity while providing an ethically efficient and effective treatment plan during the therapeutic process. We are dedicated in the process of improving communicative effectiveness. Here at Advanced Speech Therapy, we grow, achieve and succeed together!

Our Doctor

Gezime Djonovic MS, CCC-SLP

Gezime Djonovic, MS, CCC-SLP is certified by the American- Speech –Language-Hearing –Association and licensed to practice Speech Language Pathology in the state of New Jersey. She is a member of the New Jersey Speech –Language-Hearing Association. She is listed in the directory at and Mrs. Djonovic graduated from Kean University with a BA in Communication and Hearing Disorders and with a MS degree in Speech Pathology from Nova Southeastern University.

Mrs. Djonovic’s speech therapy practice includes working with pediatric and adult speech, swallowing, orofacial myofunctionaL therapy, “thumb or digit sucking” remediation, articulation, voice, accent modification.

Mrs. Djonovic has been trained in the Simon Says “Tongue Tips” and “Thumbs Up” programs. She is trained in the PROMPT technique. In addition, she is certified in the Compton PESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Program and offers it to clients wishing to enhance their communication skills through accent reduction and modification. The Compton PESL is custom tailored to help foreign language speakers neutralize their accented speech of American English. At completion, speakers typically see 50% reduction of their accent.

Education & Training
  • Kean University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Professional Memberships
  • New Jersey Speech –Language-Hearing Association
  • American Speech and Hearing Association – ASHA
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    We are located in the medical complex accross from Shoprite on the third floor.

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    There is an additional $25 dollar fee for appointments cancelled under 24 hours.


    We accept nearly all major insurance plans including:

    • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Amerihealth
    • United HealthCare
    • Cigna
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    For the most up-to-date information on our accepted private health insurance plans contact our clinic directly at 201-675-3396

    I needed a lot of help improving all of the terrible weak areas & Gezime was incredible. She worked with me utilizing “Tongue Tips.” Not only was she extremely patient with me, but she was also very knowledgeable as well. She has so much experience with “Tongue Tips” so she was able to give me the best tips/pointers to help me improve. There were times that I would get frustrated but she always motivated me to keep going. I am grateful for all of her help and I am elated with my results!


    100% 5 Star review for Gezime (Gina) Djonovic. My daughter started speech therapy with Gina just after turning 3 years old and has been with her for two years. Since then, she has learned how to speak clearly and express herself in age appropriate ways. Gina makes each and every session fun for the…more


    My daughter spent a year with Gina for speech therapy. Gina was always professional, relayed her plan and my daughter’s progress every step of the way. My daughter loved Gina and going to each session. I loved seeing my daughter progressing so she can express herself and be understood by family and friends! I highly recommend Gina for her utmost professionalism and her ability to produce amazing results!

    Dr. Calton